Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Toot, toot!"

Did you hear it? That was my own horn :)

I received a review this morning for my most recent release, DUSTY ROSE (The McCassey Brother's Series: Book 3), and just had to share!


Genre: Romance Suspense

EBook formats ISBN: 978-60313-090-5
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-60313-089-9

4 out of 4 roses

The McCassey Brothers plus the Zamora Sisters always equals trouble.

"Dusty Rose" is as raw, edgy, and tough a romance you will ever read. There's no handsome rich hero sweeping the frail damsel out of harms reach. In "Dusty Rose" the guy would be lucky not to be shot by the girl…actually, he nearly is, shot that is, the verdict on lucky is still out.

"Dusty Rose" is one of the best romance suspense eBook I've read. Dusty Zamora, our heroine, is hard as nails, fast with a gun, has carried and protected herself while riding with an outlaw biker gang and she's grown into one beautiful lady.

It's Judd McCassey who first spots the female form riding the Harley Davidson Fat Boy, just one of the surprises this Zamora sister has in store for him.

Neither the McCassey brothers or Zamora sisters had it easy growing up, but the night the sisters killed their stepfather for raping and killing their youngest it was those brothers they ran to for help. Now, ten long years later, she's back home, in Hagerstown, Maryland, hoping the McCasseys know where her last remaining sister is. Jessie's on the run from the brother of the man she killed, too bad the man had killed Jessie and Dusty's sister first.

No, "Dusty Rose" isn't your garden-variety type romance/suspense story. There's grit in this story. There's meanness and ugliness in it, too. There is also heart, loyalty and family.

Ms. Sharman writes with an unconditional honesty, she pulls no punches and for that I thank her. I need to read the first two McCassey Brothers stories, NO WORRIES (Book 1) and THE DEVIL'S CANDY (Book 2). The fourth and final book, THE LONG ROAD HOME comes out September 1st.

"Dusty Rose" is a story you won't soon forget.

-Chris, Reviewer

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Dawn said...

Congratulations Lauren! That is an awesome review & quite accurate too! Dusty Rose was a great book! I can't wait for the next book to come out on September 1st! By the way, I am sooooo ready for nice, chilly Fall weather too! : )